Frequently Asked Questions

What does Yaldhurst Park offer purchasers?
Yaldhurst Park is a new residential community in the established suburb of Yaldhurst in Christchurch. It has been designed to offer affordable family living with sections and house and land packages at an attractive price, along with a commercial area including a medical centre, NPD service station, McDonald’s restaurant and more. It is located 5 minutes away from Christchurch airport and is a 15 minute drive from Riccarton Mall.

How many lots will there be in Yaldhurst Park?
Yaldhurst Park is a fully master planned community with a total land area of 28ha. This includes 256 residential sections and a 5 hectare commercial area.

What size are the residential sections?
Residential sections range in size from 295m² to 650m².

What utilities are offered within the subdivision?
The subdivision offers all the normal services and facilities such as water, sewer system, storm water system, and underground power.  Fast fibre broadband service is available to the boundary of every lot.

What deposit is required when purchasing a lot?
A 10% deposit is required upon signing the Sale & Purchase Agreement with Infinity Yaldhurst Ltd. Deposit amounts required by homebuilders for house and land packages and completed homes may vary according to the homebuilder.

When is final payment for a section expected?
Purchasers have 5 working days following issue of Certificate of Title to settle the balance owing on the section.

Do I need resource consent to build at Yaldhurst Park?
If you comply with the relevant standards contained in the Yaldhurst Park Design Guidelines and Land Covenants then you will NOT require a resource consent.

What are the main entry and exit points to Yaldhurst Park?
There is easy access via Sir John McKenzie Avenue which runs off Yaldhurst Road directly opposite the Christchurch Football Centre.

Can I on-sell my section?
Please refer to the Land Covenants. No Lot may be sold until a house has been constructed on the Lot. Yaldhurst Park may grant a dispensation to this requirement at its discretion.

Why are there Covenants as part of the title?
The covenants are there to protect the property values of the sections, the privacy, peace and security of the residents and the quality of the environment within the community.

Are there any restrictions on the type of dwelling that may be built including construction details?
Yes. Please refer to the Land Covenants and Design Guidelines for further information.

What is the maximum height of plantings?
3 metres in height within 2m of any Lot boundary; 5 metres in height within the area of any Lot between 2m and 5m on the easternmost and southernmost boundary of any Lot; 7 metres in height anywhere else on the Lot. Please refer to the Land Covenants for further information.

What are the building height restrictions?
The maximum height of any building is eight metres.

What are the setbacks?
Please refer to the Design Guidelines for detail on the setbacks.

Who owns the right of ways and access lots and who maintains them?
Right of ways are owned by the section holders whose access onto the main body of their section is via the right of way. The owners of the right of ways are obliged to maintain them.

Do I have to build immediately once title has become available?
House construction must commence within two years of settlement and be completed twelve months after the date of commencement. Landscaping is to be completed within three months of receipt of a Code Compliance Certificate for the dwelling.

Are there any fencing requirements?
Yes. Please refer to the Land Covenants and the Design Guidelines available on the Documentation page.

Who is responsible for fencing a property?
The purchaser is responsible for the fencing. The Vendor will not be required to assist the Purchaser with fencing of the property. Under the Fencing Act your neighbour is required to pay half the cost of an “adequate” fence. For more information on your rights under the Fencing Act visit https://www.consumer.org.nz/articles/fencing-law

Will there be a pre-school at Yaldhurst Park?
Yes, there will be a pre-school in Stage 1 of the residential area. This will be operated by an independent operator.

What schools are in the Yaldhurst Park zone?
Yaldhurst Park is in the school zone for Gilberthorpe Primary School and Hornby High School is the closest secondary school. Applications may be made to other local schools outside the zone but there is no guarantee of being accepted. For more information on how to apply for schools outside the zone visit http://parents.education.govt.nz/primary-school/schooling-in-nz/enrolment-schemes-zoning/#notinthezone  

Will there be any shops?
The commercial area is planned to cover 5 hectares and will include a range of retail, and commercial businesses. McDonald’s Restaurant and a NPD service station are already open. 

Is there fibre optic cable in Yaldhurst Park?
Yes. Yaldhurst Park will be served by a fast fibre broadband service through Enable (https://www.enable.net.nz/)

Will geotechnical and ground reports be available free of charge?
An overall geotechnical report produced by Tonkin & Taylor is available showing each lot is TC1 equivalent. Click here for the geotech report.

Can we use our own builder?
Yes, you can choose your section and use your own builder, or we can recommend one of the reputable building companies working alongside us at Yaldhurst Park.

Do property owners need sign-off from Yaldhurst Park on house plans before applying for building consent?
Yes, all plans must be submitted to the Yaldhurst Park office for design approval. Contact Stephanie Davey for more information or to submit your plans on info@infinitywanaka.com

Can we have a woodburner?
Yaldhurst Park is in the Christchurch Clean Air Zone so there are restrictions on the type of woodburner that can be installed. You may install an approved Environment Canterbury woodburner (see woodburner rules here https://ecan.govt.nz/your-region/your-environment/air-quality/home-heating/home-heating-options-in-my-clean-air-zone/). A separate resource consent is not required as long as you select an approved woodburner. A building consent is required before installing a woodburner.

Am I allowed to erect a relocated home?
Generally second hand or relocated homes are not permitted on any lots at Yaldhurst Park. However, there may be some cases where Yaldhurst Park would consider allowing this, subject to this not devaluing neighbouring property and at our full discretion. For more information refer to 3.3 in the Yaldhurst Park Land Covenants.

Who is the internet provider at Yaldhurst Park?
You can use any internet provider. Visit https://enable.broadbandcompare.co.nz/ to compare broadband plans from internet providers.

Is reticulated gas available?
Reticulated gas is not available. Portable gas cylinders or bottles may be used for permanent cooking, water heating or domestic heating purposes. Please refer to the Covenants for further information.

What sort of sewage system is available?
A conventional reticulated gravity sewer system has been installed which complies with Council requirements and connects to the Christchurch Wastewater Scheme. Ongoing maintenance costs are covered in your annual Council rates.

What sort of storm water system is there?
A conventional piped storm water system has been implemented to cater for storm events and to provide a high level of treatment and detention, as required by the Christchurch City Council and Environment Canterbury.

Where does the water supply come from?
The water supply comes from the Christchurch district water system which is mainly drawn from aquifers deep underground.

When will lot owners receive their first rates account?
Rates will start accumulating on settlement of title. Rates are an annual charge and are set by the Christchurch City Council on the information held in the rates database on 1 July of each year.

Will home owners be expected to pay any additional service fees other than normal Council rates?
Yaldhurst Park is within the Christchurch City Council area and normal council rates will apply. There are no additional service fees or corporate charges for sections at Yaldhurst Park.

Who are the developers?
Yaldhurst Park has been designed and developed by Infinity Yaldhurst Limited, which is part of Infinity Investment Group Holdings Limited.

How can I purchase a section?
You can purchase a section directly by contacting the Yaldhurst Park Sales Manager, Patrick Waser, on pwaser@yaldhurstpark.co.nz or 03 342 5722